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Rock of Ages - Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma

"Uldarico Sarmiento’s scenic design creates the dive bar in seedy detail. You can almost the smell barf in the men’s room. Posters of real and fictional bands adorn the walls of the theater. Strings of lights with brassieres thrown over them hang above the audience." - Larry Laneer, Red Dirt Report


Crowns - Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma

"Scenic design by Uldarico Sarmiento was spare and evocative, with dis-integrating walls that could have been historic memory or future decay. The set suggested any place of history and of working folk your mind might care to provide—a broken wall, an old building, a clapboard church". - Anna Holloway, News OK

"The scenic design by Uldarico Sarmiento, made primarily out of what looks like recycled wooden pallets, is both rustic and otherworldly".

- Brandy Mcdonnell, News OK

Journey's End - Kansas City Actors Theatre

"Anxiety boils under the surface instead, made notably manifest in Uldarico Sarmiento's smart, visually textured scenic design". - Liz Cook, The Pitch KC

"Uldarico Sarmiento’s design for the dugout is an impressive piece of work". - Robert Trussell, Kansas City Star 

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